Considerations when shopping for petite dresses

Wearing perfectly fitting clothing that highlights the parts of the body you like is one of the ideal ways you can enhance your confidence. However, when it comes to petites, it can be problematic to get the appropriate clothing. In reality, apart from dressing to match your body shape, you also need to consider your height. To assist you in navigating through your wardrobe, this guide highlights what you can shop for petite dresses.

Considerations when shopping for petite dresses

Ankle length

If you like to wear longer hems, you can choose those that go up to the ground level. For instance, during summer, you can pair breezy cotton sundresses that cover your ankles with casual footwear and espadrille sandals.


If you want your legs to appear lean and long, ensure you show more leg length. In this case, the dresses which hit slightly above or at the knee are the most flattering for women with petite body shapes. However, you do not want to choose a short dress because, wearing a micro-mini, you can risk appearing like a little girl.

Wrap style

A wrap-style can establish a flattering figure for petite women. However, since the dress is not broken up severely or sharply, it can still establish a smooth silhouette.

Vertical details

Having a dress with stripes that run at its center can establish a taller appearance. Admittedly, it will help in attracting the attention of the viewer.


Naturally, the v-necklines are flattering to most body types, even for petites. In particular, the V-neck will show your neck, giving an illusion that you have a long, lean neck.

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Dresses to avoid

Horizontal stripes

Petite women need to avoid dresses with horizontal stripes because they will draw the eye horizontally instead of vertically.

Different colors

For a dress to best flatter women’s petite body shapes, it needs to have a monochromatic pattern. In particular, petite women should not wear dresses with one color at the top and another different one at the bottom, because such dresses will cut the body in half.


Dresses that hang at the middle of the lower part of the leg will not offer the long look you might be attempting to achieve.