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How Maryland’s Dog Bite Law Affects a Personal Injury Case

Maryland statute 3-1901 defines when a dog owner is liable for the death, injury or loss or property caused because of their biting someone. When a victim of a dog bite decides to sue the dog’s owners, it is not always as simple as how the law defines liability. For instance, the dog must be running at large at the time it bites a victim.

A Dog Owner May Not Be Liable for a Dog Bite Under Certain Circumstances

It is always important to discuss a case with a personal injury law firm owings mills md because the dog owner may not be responsible for the dog bite. This means the victim of a dog bite must pay their own expenses such as medical bills. A dog owner is not legally responsible if their dog bites a victim when the victim:

1. Attempted to or actually trespassed on the owner’s property
2. Attempted to or actually committed another crime other than trespassing on the owner’s property.
3. Teased, abused, provoked or tormented the owner’s dog.
4. Attempted to or actually committed a crime against another person.

Contributory Negligence in a Dog Bite Injury Case

Section 3-1901 also defines a dog bite as strict liability. Strict liability means the dog owner is legally responsible for the dog bite injury even if they didn’t know the dog would act aggressively. In addition, they are still responsible if the dog owner took reasonable steps to prevent an injury from happening.

However, a dog owner does have a defense they can use in a dog bite personal injury case. It’s called contributory negligence rule. This rule holds the dog bite victim responsible for their actions before or during their interactions with the dog. For instance, if the victim entered an area marked with posting about a dog, they may not collect all the damages available. Instead, they may have to pay for part of their damages. The dog owner can claim the victim did something to cause their dog to bite them. That’s why having a personal injury lawyer is vital to winning or settling a dog injury case. Sometimes a dog owner will claim contributory negligence defense even when they are strictly liable for their dog biting a victim.

Filing Personal Injury Dog Bite Claim in Maryland

A victim of a dog bite can receive various damages such as lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. If a victim of a dog bite is thinking about filing a claim, it’s imperative that it is done before the statute of limitation ends. Statute of limitations refers to the time limit the state gives a victim to file their personal injury case.

It’s three years from the date of the dog bite. So, it is best to file the case before that three-year period ends. If the statute of limitation ends, the victim can’t sue the dog owner. They can’t settle the claim either. The victim loses all rights to sue or settle their dog bite claim.

Three Things You Should Know When Choosing a Disability Lawyer

If you cannot go back to your present job due to an injury, accident or a medical condition that will no longer allow you to work, you may need aid from the social security administration. Since the laws that cover who qualifies and who do not can be complicated for many people today, you may need to hire a social security disability to a lawyer to help in representing your interest. The role that these lawyers play is very instrumental in ensuring that you will not only be represented well but will receive the compensation that you need to take care of your living expenses. So, for those of you who may need assistance in choosing the best lawyer for your situation and circumstances, here are three things that you should be aware of when you are choosing a disability lawyer.

Need a Lawyer that Specializes in Social Security Disability

Even though there may be a long list of lawyers reported on the yellow pages in your town or city, it is very important to note that not all attorneys are the same. This is because some of these attorneys specialize in either general law practices or other fields of law. While some of these lawyers may agree to take your case to represent you, they may not be able to address the specific concerns that you need. For instance, some lawyers have a huge amount of experience in social security disability and they have a much better chance of being successful with your case. Therefore, you want to hire a lawyer that knows the social security disability winchester va laws and how they will apply to your particular situation. On the other hand, without a complete and thorough knowledge of these laws, you may find yourself at a severe disadvantage that may cause you to lose the social security disability benefits that you would be entitled to.

Look for Active Members of Your State Bar’s Association and those in Good Standing

Your search for a social security disability attorney may be very fruitful in some cases. Especially, if you are using all the resources that you have available to you online, legal aid clinics and referral services. However, before you decide to stop with the most obvious and simplest to get to, you need to make sure that your exhaustive search provides you with only the social security disability lawyers who are active members of the State Bar and those that are currently in good standing. Without this information, you may find an attorney that may not provide you with the help and the experience that is really needed.

Make Sure You are Aware of the Terms Before Hiring the SSD attorney

Before you end your search by agreeing to hire a particular social security disability attorney, you need to know what the terms of their employment are prior to securing their legal help. For instance, you need to obtain a written fee agreement that completely outlines and spells out how much you will be charged, what services are provided and when the agreed upon amount will be paid.…