DeepCrawl or Screaming Frog, Which Is The Best SEO Audit Tool?

Among the most significant parts of organic traffic is technical SEO enhancement.

Visitors will hop and revert to the SERP if your website isn’t operating smoothly, and search engines would have a tough time scanning and analyzing the material.

Site inspections enable you to identify technical sections of the website that are underutilized.

This allows you to address these flaws before they can become a major concern for the entire search process and negatively impact your search visibility.

Crawling your site is a crucial aspect of technical inspections, but selecting the proper tools can indeed be tough.

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With this let us look at the two most prominent solutions on the market to see which one is the ideal to use.

1.  Performing crawls.

Having crawl analysis is vital, so being able to manage a crawl so that it occurs at such a time that works best for you is ideal.

Attempting to go in and physically arrange a crawl to execute is a big hassle, thus the capability to automate is critical.

A widespread misconception in Screaming Frog is that you cannot schedule crawl with, but this is not true.

It is just more complex and tough to establish, and it is advantageous if you have a dedicated server.

If you can gain access to a server, you could “Schedule jobs” to be completed at certain intervals.

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Whenever you create a project in DeepCrawl, you can specify how frequently and on what date you would like the crawl to occur. This could also be changed at any time.

DeepCrawl has to be the better of the two here simply because of how easy it is to configure.

2.  Finding errors.

It seems this is most likely the primary reason for using either software: to detect and correct problems.

They generally identify all of the major issues, such as 404s, 301s, and so on.

Screaming Frog is excellent at detecting errors; you must then locate the flaws inside the report.

This is fine because sorting, sifting, and querying in Excel are not a problem. It’s only a little time-consuming to find the faults.

The one element in Screaming Frog that DC does not appear to have is the ability to sort by pictures seeing the largest files, which is important for optimizing page load speed.

DeepCrawl groups the errors for both you and reports everything in a neat interface whether you have performed upwards of one crawl it contrasts it to prior crawls

DeepCrawl can also be integrated with Google Analytics or Google Search Console.

Although both are extremely good, especially the extra function of SF about locating huge images to decrease, the interface in DC that allows you to immediately see the faults and rectify them renders it the victor in error fixing.

3.  Site type.

This will not affect a lot of people if your webpage is constructed in HTML or PHP, as both SF and DC should crawl it very well.

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However, if your structure is built with javascript, such as Angular JS or some kind of similar, you will still need to utilize SF because you can adjust the parameters to crawl JS, whilst DC cannot.

Screaming Frog is excellent for traditional code such as PHP and HTML, but it can also crawl javascript.

This is an alternative in the configuration; it is not enabled by default.

DeepCrawl will manage your site quite well if it is mostly made of HTML and PHP.

Screaming Frog must be the victor mostly because of its additional ability to crawl and output JS-type webpages.


SEO is far more than phrases since optimizing information so that it can be discovered in browsers is the key to reaching the objectives.

As a result, it is critical to find the best technical SEO tool for addressing the objectives of businesses to improve search results.

Technical SEO auditing assists experts in improving rankings by concentrating on keyword phrases that allow access to targeted web pages.

Overall, if you have the funds, I would strongly advise you to purchase both of the software.

Even when they are extremely similar pieces of software, there are still some subtle distinctions that imply both can be beneficial.

Nonetheless, if money is an issue, consider the considerations listed above to evaluate which would be ideal for both of you and your circumstances.