Taming Your Traffic Ticket

If you’ve received a traffic ticket or you’ve received a charge for a driving offense and are unsure of the consequences of your actions, then you should consult with an attorney about your options. Sometimes, an attorney can get your ticket reduced to a moving violation or have the ticket dismissed altogether. When you aren’t facing a traffic offense, then you usually won’t face any points on your license or your insurance, which means that your insurance rates won’t go up and that you can continue driving.

A lawyer for driving offenses will sometimes send you a letter after you receive your ticket or charge because the information is public record. Don’t be surprised if you receive letters from a few different attorneys who want to represent you in court. Fortunately, you usually don’t have to appear for court if you hire an attorney for a traffic offense. Most lawyers that have a private practice are able to represent you on a traffic offense. Try to hire a lawyer who has worked with various types of traffic offenses instead of one who only practices in this area minimally so that you have the best representation possible.

Even if you have a lawyer, it’s not always a guarantee that the penalty will be reduced. The court will be the deciding factor as to whether your ticket will be dismissed or reduced and will determine the consequences, if any, of your actions. There will usually be some kind of fine that you have to pay even if your ticket is dismissed. This is often paid to the attorney who will then disperse it to the proper officials. You have the option to go to trial for your ticket if you feel that you were falsely given the ticket. However, this can be more expensive than hiring an attorney who can usually get your ticket reduced or dismissed altogether.

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