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Reasons You May Want to Hire a Traffic Attorney

 When you’re pulled over by the police and given a traffic ticket, in many cases, it’s a minor offense. Most drivers will often resolve the matter by paying the fine. Others, who are dealing with more serious violations and/or want to dispute the validity of the ticket will have an opportunity to plead their case in court. It is during these times that it may be best to have a traffic attorney on your side. Here’s a look at why it pays, in some instances to hire one.

To Help You Understand Traffic Laws

While some traffic laws are common knowledge, others are a bit more complex to understand. This is especially true for those who may have received a violation while out of town. If you were from New Jersey but got a tick in North Carolina, it might behoove you to hire a traffic lawyer in Charlotte NC to help you understand the laws in the state. They would be best suited to review your case, determine areas of weakness, and fight the case for you in court.

To Get Penalties Lowered or Dismissed

Minor violations or those who are first-time offenders may get by with paying a small traffic fine. However, repeat offenders or more serious traffic violations can cost several hundred or thousands of dollars. An experienced traffic lawyer, however, may be able to get some of the tickets dismissed, or at the very least, get the penalties reduced to lower your out of pocket expense. Dismissing charges not only reduces your costs but can prevent you from incurring points on your driver’s license which can also come with separate fines and fees.

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Fighting Your Case

In instances where you don’t believe you violated any traffic laws, you’ll need a trained attorney on your side to fight your case in county court. They will help you contest the ticket. They can check for supporting evidence including witness accounts or recordings from nearby traffic or building cameras.

If they’re unable to get the case completely dismissed or thrown out, at the very least, a competent attorney can request lighter consequences. As some traffic violations can come with penalties that include the suspension of your driver’s license or jail time, they can sometimes work with the prosecutor to get community service or some other consequences that won’t have such a negative impact.

If you’ve recently been hit with traffic tickets, and you believe you’re innocent, aren’t sure of the traffic laws, or can’t afford the fines and consequences associated if found guilty, it is always best to hire a traffic attorney. They have the skills, experience, and know-how to try and get the best possible outcome for your case.