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The Controversial Trump Policy

We must often hear the various controversies made by Donald Trump. Donald Trump himself is the 45th president who leads the United States (US).

He replaces Barack Obama who leads in two periods. Trump has always been the center of the world’s attention because of his controversial style of speech and attitude. It had been a long time before he served as President.


Donald Trump was a Republican president and won the election to defeat Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party. Since becoming president from 20 January 2017, he has made several controversial foreign policies.

Here is Donald Trump’s controversial policy throughout 2017.

Immigration Policy that limits the number of Muslim immigrants enter the US

Trump issued a presidential order regulating the ban on entry of immigrants into US territory. He thinks it must, in order to prevent the rise of terrorism in the United States.

Trump believes that any acts of terrorism that occur are the fault of immigrants from conflicting countries. Based on this, Trump limits the immigration rate of 7 Islamic countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya.

Ordered the construction of a wall on the border of America and Mexico

This policy is also one of his campaign promises. He argued that building a wall between America and Mexico could prevent the pace of illegal immigrants into the United States.

The development can overcome the problem of immigrant entry and national security. Not only signed a presidential order to build a wall on the border. Trump also confidently said that the cost of building the wall would be imposed on the Mexican side.

Consider climate change and global warming as an unimportant issue and withdraw from the Paris treaty

Trump said that the Paris agreement is still negotiable. This instantly makes Angela Merkel reply to the argument firmly. Angela Merkel says that the Paris Agreement is final and non-negotiable.

Trump considers the issue will only hinder the development of the US economy.

Trump Attract AS to exit the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership is also Donald Trump’s campaign promise. He believes that this trade agreement does not provide a great advantage for the United States.

Because he thinks the Trans-Pacific partnership is only detrimental to American companies. This partnership is also considered to make the worker from the United States is not absorbed properly. Because of the many American companies that eventually run out of the country.

Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP is actually a forum of cooperation between countries with a world economic capacity of 40%. The existence of TPP intends to strengthen economic relations and trigger economic growth with efforts such as reduction of tariff barriers.…

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Factors Causing Domestic Violence

The phenomenon of domestic violence almost daily occurs. Its preaching makes the heart sad. Then the question is why this can happen so easily? Is this the age that caused it? Is it a warning to humans that these are signs of the end times? Many factors make domestic violence. This should be avoided so that it does not happen in your family. Here are some factors.

Domestic Violence

Talking Loud and Painful

This behavior is very important and absolutely must be avoided against all family members. Speaking loud will make the listener hurt. Another case with a polite speech will make the other person be sympathetic. Thereby avoiding the misunderstandings that make a strife in your family.


The next factor is impatience because that is the benchmark in which you take action. In family life must not be separated from mistakes. If you find in your family making a mistake do not occasionally sentence him. Give the person the opportunity to speak to convey his argument. Then give advice in a polite and wise tone to avoid repeating the same mistake.

The Nature of the Ego

The nature of egoism will only encourage your heart to become hard. Then arrogant and arbitrary behavior arises against others. Keep those traits from your life. If egoism continues to nest in the hearts of people over time will appear other types of liver disease. Among other things stubbornness difficult to accept the advice of others, jealousy, resentment, and so forth. Keep those traits from your life.


One of the occurrences of domestic violence is economic factors that are not well established, in the sense that household life is still unstable. So that with such circumstances will arise various disputes in your household every day. So before you implement a married life you should prepare your financial ability to be able to meet the needs of a decent life.

Looking for the Black Goat

Work for the job, never let it go to family members who do not know anything. Solve problems in your work and do not jumble into the family. It would be nice if you discuss. Maybe your partner has a way out of your problem.

Less Open to the Family

Less open is one of the things that can make the harmony of married life. If you have an outside problem, do not think about it yourself. It will make your load bigger. Communicate about your problem to your partner. Finding the solution together will alleviate the burden of your problem.

Prejudice Causing Domestic Violence

Prejudice against the couple will create a sense of discomfort in the household. This nature will make a distrust of all things done partner. Being mindful of the couple will foster mutual trust. This will add harmony to the family. Take a moment and share!…

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Aggravated Assault – What is It?

Aggravated Assault – What is It?

Although there have been a decrease in the numbers, violent crimes still prove to be one of the major problems haunting the general population here in the US. Violent crimes include battery, assault, mayhem, false imprisonment, kidnapping, homicide, murder, rape, robbery and extortion, burglary, arson, and manslaughter, among others. Of all these crimes, aggravated assault is said to be the most common.

Aggravated assault, also known as felonious assault, is a modified form of ordinary assault. The difference between the two lies in how much resulting injury is involved. The application of force against another person that does not result in any bodily harm is considered to be an ordinary assault. For it to be considered an aggravated assault, the injury should be one which maims or disfigures the aggrieved party or endangers his or her life regardless of the use of a deadly weapon. Too many times, the only thing that sets murder and homicide different from aggravated assault is that the victim did not die.

Because of the simplicity and trifle nature of an ordinary assault, it rarely leads to jail time. This is in exact opposite of aggravated assault cases where the criminal has to serve several years of jail time depending on the nature and gravity of the assault.

In 2005, a total of more than 850,000 aggravated assault cases have been reported, a 1.8% increase in the total number of reported cases from the previous year. Twenty five percent of these cases involved the use of hands, fists and feet. On the other hand, 21% of the total cases involved the use of firearms and other deadly weapons. These statistics, however, already includes cases where only a threat was made. This is because, had the threat pushed through, it could result to an aggravated assault charge.

Country-wide, California ranks as the state with the most numbers of assault cases of this type. This is followed by Florida, Texas, and New York. On the other hand, Maine, Vermont and North Dakota have proven to have the lowest number of cases with no more than 800 cases each per year.

Penalties for this type of assault differ from one state to the next. However, penalties usually include jail time, electronic monitoring, loss of the rights to own or possess firearms and weapons, mandatory anger management classes, restitution, and fines and court costs. In the state of Arizona, for example, probation usually lasts for nine years with fines of up to US$ 250.00. On the other hand, the state of Wisconsin fines aggravated assault criminals to as much as US$ 100,000.00 with jail time of up to 25 years. The Judge can also order counseling as well as community service as part of the sentence.…

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What is Considered Domestic Violence?

What is Considered Domestic Violence?

A domestic violence is filed against an individual by another individual who is related to them by marriage or lives in the same house as the accused. In Arizona, the statutory definition of domestic violence applies not only in crimes against spouses, although it is the most common, but also to crimes done against partners, former partners, individuals who are currently dating and the elderly. The charge of domestic violence has varying levels and forms, from simple assault to murder. It is also in the coverage of the domestic violence law such acts concerning violation of the order of protection, like a restraining order. The restraining order does not necessarily require physical presence; even a late phone call to a child or to the ex-spouse is considered a violation when a restraining order is still in effect.

Because of the alarming number of violence within a household being reported, the state of Arizona focused on strengthening its laws. The law enforcement department is now developing new policies while the court system is actively implementing the changes. In some cases, the prosecutors are filing charges even if the victim refuses to participate due to fear.

The Arizona Revised Statute 13-3601 lists the affected relationships involved in a domestic violence. It can be between two married individuals, currently or in the past. It can also be between unmarried individuals residing in the same house, same gender cohabitation is included. If both parties are not married or are not living together, it is still considered as domestic violence if they have one common child together or the woman is currently pregnant by the concerned party.

The two other relationship definitions are quite broad. The crime done is considered as domestic violence when the victim is related to the defendant or the spouse of the defendant by blood or court order. This includes grandparents, parent-in-law, stepchild and the like. The other one is when the victim is a child who is currently residing or resided in the same house as the defendant and should be related by blood to a former spouse of the defendant or any person who is residing or resided in the same household.

Domestic violence is not taken lightly in Arizona. The punishment, depending on the level of crime, is severe. The conviction can result to limitation in child visitation rights, loss of privilege to own a gun, mandatory counseling and prison sentence in more serious cases. When the domestic violence involves the use of deadly weapon and injury, then the crime is often prosecuted as a felony.…

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Tampa Crime Rate Down, Still Dangerously High

Tampa Crime Rate Down, Still Dangerously High

In 2008, there were reports of over 37,000 crimes committed in Tampa or about three per household. Tampa, as well as other major cities in Florida, is known for its high crime rate.

The ratio of Tampa crime compared to New York City crime is a surprising discovery when keeping in mind that New York City is one of the nation’s most densely populated cities. Tampa has a higher ratio of nearly all major crimes including triple the counts of rape and nearly quadruple the counts of burglary.

The only positive statistics coming from Tampa’s crime rate is the consistent annual drop in crime. In the past ten years the average crime rate in Tampa has decreased by more than half. Counts of burglary, murder, aggravated assault, and robbery have all dropped, and should continue to do so.

The crimes committed vary in severity and when individuals are prosecuted can be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. The punishment for a felony can range from a year in prison to life or possibly even the death penalty. Misdemeanors are typically of a less severe nature and can range from a simple fine to up to a year in jail and a $1000 fine.

Misdemeanors can also come with sanctions such as suspension of a driver’s license, use of crimes against oneself in future trials, risk or deportation, or house arrest. Though misdemeanors are seen as lesser crimes they can still hurt an individual if he or she continues to disobey the law, and can possibly prevent certain types of employment.…

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Drug Offense Penalties

Drug Offense Penalties

There are few areas of legal prosecution that are enforced as seriously as drug offenses. Most states are generally consistent about classification, though some states use differing policies based on local situations arising from different types of drug use. Though the types of drug use are usually similar, different regions of the country can experience distinct problems within the area based on logistics.

Most controlled substances are classified as felonies within the law. Drug trafficking charges can be enhanced particularly easy based on the quantity and the nature of the substance. There are also many prescription drugs that are legal when carried in the proper container by the authorized individual and charges over improper container can often be reduced, but rarely dismissed, especially with a valid arrest report.

The current drug that is considered most aggravating is manufacturing methamphetamine. Depending on amount, this can be either a Class D or C felony charge and the level of aggravating circumstances can carry more charges, such as wanton endangerment in the event of an explosion. The problem is the activity associated with the use. In the event of a plea bargain some charges may be adjusted, but the drug offenses rarely are.

In most states, based on uniform sentencing guidelines, a Class D felony carries a punishment of at least one to five years of incarceration and varying fines of considerable amount. This is often based on the level of trafficking and potential income and value. Values can be estimated, which can affect enhancement. In most states there is a probation process, but normally availability is only on the first charge of that type. Multiple offenders can count on some jail time.

Class C felonies are assessed at five to 10 years of incarceration. Class B carries 10 to 20 years in most states. Differing states have differing rules on how much time constitutes a year and allowance for reduced penalties through legislative actions, like “Governor’s Good Time.” Model prisoners usually get recognized for good behavior, but don’t count on it. Class A felonies are normally associated with violence and begin at 20 years incarceration in most states. Use of a firearm is also an enhancer, especially if used in commission of a crime.

Another issue with drug offenses is the level of government that has filed the charge. Federal penalties also fall within Supreme Court sentencing guidelines, but the availability of federal parole can be a more restrictive. It does require a documented reason for parole denial by the U.S. Federal Parole Commission, which is appointed by the President.

Prosecutors accept charging drug offenders as one of their most serious duties. The guidelines are in place to protect the defendant from excessive punishment from systems that use tough uniform policies. But the guidelines are also tough. And the prosecutors are not afraid to follow them to the limit, in certain cases.…

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Things to Know About the Defense Base Act

We can all agree that working overseas comes with a wide array of benefits. At the same time, it comes with some potential issues that may happen.

However, you can rest assured because the Defense Base Act protects most Federal Workers, a statute that will provide you both medical benefits and wage loss if you are injured on the job.

Of course, you have to work for the Department of State or the Department of Defense to comply with this particular act. Keep in mind that it is one of the best ways to protect civilians injured overseas, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, among other areas.

In particular, this act will cover overseas contractors that are injured within the state during the preparation and training to go abroad.

Let us start from the beginning.

Who Is Eligible For Defense Base Act?

Keep in mind that this particular act covers most civilian contractors supporting US military services from security forces to food service employees.

It is also a protection for individuals operating under public works, repairs, and construction in the US and abroad, depending on specific factors.

Keep in mind that it covers people working for the Peace Corps and other humanitarians that are handling recovery efforts worldwide.

Therefore, if you are an employee working for the Department of Defense or Department of State, you should know that you would be eligible for it wherever you are.

 Generally, it is a worldwide statute, which means that you will get appropriate compensation depending on numerous factors.

However, in most cases, it is used for civilian employees injured in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Qatar, Kuwait, Antarctica, and South America, among other areas.

You should click here to learn more about this particular act in general.

Compensation Benefits

It would be best to remember that this particular act functions similarly to Harbor Workers’ and Longshore compensation act. Therefore, you will be able to get four different classes of benefits depending on numerous factors.

For instance, everything depends on the contractor’s medical status, his ability to earn in the future, and many more. The issues can be divided into these four statuses:

  • Temporary total disability – We are talking about benefits that the contractor will get throughout the healing process, especially since he/she is unable to continue with the work.
  • Temporary partial disability – If the medical condition is still in the phase of healing and the contractor can work, he/she will get this particular type of compensation.
  • Permanent Total Disability – If the contractor’s health has reached the medical improvement, but he/she will not be able to work anymore due to the severity of injuries, they are entitled to this particular type of compensation.
  • Permanent partial disability – Finally, a contractor will get benefits if the medical condition has improved over time, which means that he/she can work with ease.

It is vital to understand the overall classification of all the advantages and benefits you may obtain after a claim. In case you classify it inappropriately, you will be able to lose money that you should be based on the act.

That is the main reason why you should talk with an attorney to make sure that you understand your current classification and to get compensation based on all relevant information.

What about Medical Mileage and Benefits?

Keep in mind that this particular act is the extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, which means that you should check out the requirements and other factors by reading both of them.

The most important consideration is that the insurance carrier or employer of a particular contractor should pay benefits depending on the injury and other factors.

Check out this link: to visit the Department of Labor’s official website.

When it comes to medical expenses, you should know that they include much more than office visitations, prescriptions, and potential surgeries. Contractors can also request additional reimbursement for the mileage he drove to reach a particular medical expert.

Apart from necessary and reasonable care, an employer or carrier has to provide doctors’ free choice, which means that you will be able to choose based on your preferences.

That is not something that you will get with regular insurance, which makes it better in the long run.…

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When Do You Need a Trust Litigation Attorney?

Will Contest in Texas happens when a lawful test is delivered against a trust or estate arranging document’s legitimacy or execution. Debates are ordinarily between heirs, yet can likewise emerge among heirs and the executor or trustee.

Debates of this nature can be quite confounded. They frequently require numerous different, however, entwined lawful activities. Due to the countless issues that could emerge during litigation, it is critical to find a lawyer with wide-based information and skill in estate arranging, trusts, and probate law. There are numerous reasons why a Will Contest in Texas may occur:

The individual who made the trust needed lawful power to do as such

This could challenge the legitimacy of the whole document. Firmly identified with this, an individual could not have the intellectual ability to execute a trust agreement. Dementia, other neurological or memory-influencing sicknesses, and intoxication are, for the most part, grounds to challenge a person’s testamentary limit. These cases require witnesses and clinical records.

The maker of the trust was pressured

It is illegal to pressure, power, or stunt individuals into marking estate arranging documents. Through excessive impact, an individual making a trust may have been directed to disperse assets in a specific way that could be seen as strange, preventing the producer from getting the choice needed to guarantee the document is legitimate. Sometimes, this can be viewed as a case of senior budgetary maltreatment. If some type of control made your inheritance psychologist or left you out ultimately, a trust litigation lawyer can help.

Allegations like these require observers. Whenever demonstrated in court, these circumstances can prompt criminal allegations, for example, misrepresentation, theft, and senior maltreatment.

Break of fiduciary duties

If the executor or trustee neglects to impart in an ideal manner, ruins reserves, self-bargains, coexists assets, participates in sketchy bookkeeping rehearsals, or has an irreconcilable situation, legitimate guidance can help ensure the trust and uphold its steadfast execution. If this doesn’t occur, a fiduciary could be considered to penetrate the faith, leaving them open to a legitimate test. The guidelines and repercussions for the break of trust fluctuate by state. At any rate, the individual can be taken out. In cases with missing assets, they can be considered responsible.

Document fabrication

Now and then, individuals manufacture signatures. It sounds unrealistic, yet keep in mind the lines a few people will cross for cash. A few documents are entirely produced, leaving open the chance of a standard test, however a criminal issue too.

Will Contest in Texas is messy and may require a few legitimate activities dependent on related, however separate cases. A lawyer with a wide-based estate, trust, and probate experience will be expected to effectively resolve numerous kinds of issues that could jump up when trust litigation initially turns into a possible chance.

Another heir is contesting the trust

Family squabbles about inheritances can get out and out monstrous. If you discover that a relative has gained a lawyer and expects to challenge a trust or enter litigation in a manner that could reduce your inheritance, you ought to consider getting your very own lawyer. In court, the best case wins. You’ll need somebody who speaks to your interests.

One of the two players may get inspired to arrive at a settlement before mounting legal costs exceed any expected litigation increases. A wise lawyer is aware of the money-saving advantage bit of both your case and your adversary’s case. They can help you estimate if or when the opportunity arrives to think about moving towards a settlement.

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Top Things NOT to Do When You Divorce 

On the off chance that you have as of late petitioned for divorce, or are thinking about petitioning for it, you probably feel overpowered with the number of things that should be finished during the divorce process. While considering everything you should do during a divorce, according to expert divorce lawyers kitsap county it is likewise basic to feature what you can not do during a divorce on the off chance that you need to keep away from legitimate difficulties forestall confusions as you travel through the divorce process. 

Conceal things from your attorney 

There are very good divorce lawyers in kitsap county ready to manage realities. Amazements then again make issues. Medication use, infidelity, concealed resources, and so forth can crush your case if your attorney isn’t set up to manage them. This is anything but a round of finding the stowaway. Confess all. The equivalent goes for wrecking proof. Because you erase those messages from your PC doesn’t mean the opposite side won’t get them another way. At the point when they do, it will look truly downright terrible if you shrouded them or lied about their reality in your revelation reactions. 

Try not to Drain the Bank Accounts

You may feel enticed to deplete the financial balances and buy huge ticket things for yourself. On the off chance that a court verifies that you unyieldingly and deliberately endeavored to diminish the conjugal resources, you may have legitimate results concerning your choice to go on that shopping binge. What’s more, no, don’t discard resources you realize your mate is going to demand without the understanding and endorsement of your life partner during the divorce process. If you settle on the choice to discard conjugal resources you may confront punishments from the court. 

Be overall quite sorted out

Neglect to keep a duplicate of all interchanges with your prospective ex-life partner. On the off chance that he/she sends you insane or undermining instant messages, give a duplicate of it to your attorney. Try not to place anything in email, text, voice message, or other composing that you wouldn’t have any desire to pursue in the chapel to the whole gathering. 

Try not to Post Anything on Social Media

During Your Divorce on the off chance that you settle on the choice to post anything during your divorce, you may have these messages, pictures, and other data utilized against you in your divorce. Regardless of whether your record is private, the individuals who see your posts about extreme get-aways or buys, or risky conduct could then screen capture the data and give it to your mate as proof of budgetary misrepresentation or practices which may raise doubt about whether nature you are making is sheltered or appropriate for youngsters. 

Try not to Get Another Person Pregnant, or Get Pregnant Yourself 

The law shows that on the off chance that you become pregnant during a divorce, the paternity of the youngster will in every case lawfully default to your companion. The process to defeat this assumption is an unpredictable one, causing extra cost and time. Moreover, impregnating another lady during the divorce process could be utilized against you as a sign of either bad character or as a marker that your homegrown life isn’t sufficiently steady to take into consideration broad youngster appearance from your kids.