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The Controversial Trump Policy

We must often hear the various controversies made by Donald Trump. Donald Trump himself is the 45th president who leads the United States (US).

He replaces Barack Obama who leads in two periods. Trump has always been the center of the world’s attention because of his controversial style of speech and attitude. It had been a long time before he served as President.


Donald Trump was a Republican president and won the election to defeat Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party. Since becoming president from 20 January 2017, he has made several controversial foreign policies.

Here is Donald Trump’s controversial policy throughout 2017.

Immigration Policy that limits the number of Muslim immigrants enter the US

Trump issued a presidential order regulating the ban on entry of immigrants into US territory. He thinks it must, in order to prevent the rise of terrorism in the United States.

Trump believes that any acts of terrorism that occur are the fault of immigrants from conflicting countries. Based on this, Trump limits the immigration rate of 7 Islamic countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya.

Ordered the construction of a wall on the border of America and Mexico

This policy is also one of his campaign promises. He argued that building a wall between America and Mexico could prevent the pace of illegal immigrants into the United States.

The development can overcome the problem of immigrant entry and national security. Not only signed a presidential order to build a wall on the border. Trump also confidently said that the cost of building the wall would be imposed on the Mexican side.

Consider climate change and global warming as an unimportant issue and withdraw from the Paris treaty

Trump said that the Paris agreement is still negotiable. This instantly makes Angela Merkel reply to the argument firmly. Angela Merkel says that the Paris Agreement is final and non-negotiable.

Trump considers the issue will only hinder the development of the US economy.

Trump Attract AS to exit the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership is also Donald Trump’s campaign promise. He believes that this trade agreement does not provide a great advantage for the United States.

Because he thinks the Trans-Pacific partnership is only detrimental to American companies. This partnership is also considered to make the worker from the United States is not absorbed properly. Because of the many American companies that eventually run out of the country.

Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP is actually a forum of cooperation between countries with a world economic capacity of 40%. The existence of TPP intends to strengthen economic relations and trigger economic growth with efforts such as reduction of tariff barriers.…

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Factors Causing Domestic Violence

The phenomenon of domestic violence almost daily occurs. Its preaching makes the heart sad. Then the question is why this can happen so easily? Is this the age that caused it? Is it a warning to humans that these are signs of the end times? Many factors make domestic violence. This should be avoided so that it does not happen in your family. Here are some factors.

Domestic Violence

Talking Loud and Painful

This behavior is very important and absolutely must be avoided against all family members. Speaking loud will make the listener hurt. Another case with a polite speech will make the other person be sympathetic. Thereby avoiding the misunderstandings that make a strife in your family.


The next factor is impatience because that is the benchmark in which you take action. In family life must not be separated from mistakes. If you find in your family making a mistake do not occasionally sentence him. Give the person the opportunity to speak to convey his argument. Then give advice in a polite and wise tone to avoid repeating the same mistake.

The Nature of the Ego

The nature of egoism will only encourage your heart to become hard. Then arrogant and arbitrary behavior arises against others. Keep those traits from your life. If egoism continues to nest in the hearts of people over time will appear other types of liver disease. Among other things stubbornness difficult to accept the advice of others, jealousy, resentment, and so forth. Keep those traits from your life.


One of the occurrences of domestic violence is economic factors that are not well established, in the sense that household life is still unstable. So that with such circumstances will arise various disputes in your household every day. So before you implement a married life you should prepare your financial ability to be able to meet the needs of a decent life.

Looking for the Black Goat

Work for the job, never let it go to family members who do not know anything. Solve problems in your work and do not jumble into the family. It would be nice if you discuss. Maybe your partner has a way out of your problem.

Less Open to the Family

Less open is one of the things that can make the harmony of married life. If you have an outside problem, do not think about it yourself. It will make your load bigger. Communicate about your problem to your partner. Finding the solution together will alleviate the burden of your problem.

Prejudice Causing Domestic Violence

Prejudice against the couple will create a sense of discomfort in the household. This nature will make a distrust of all things done partner. Being mindful of the couple will foster mutual trust. This will add harmony to the family. Take a moment and share!…

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Five Most Common Traffic Offences And How To Avoid Them

Five Most Common Traffic Offences And How To Avoid Them

There are many different kinds of traffic violations that you should avoid. Becoming aware of these offences will ensure that you are abiding by the law and will help you prevent being prosecuted by law. Below are some of the most common driving mistakes that can get you in jail:

Dangerous Driving

This offence is committed when the driver uses unsafe driving practices that result in damage or loss of property, life and resources. In many countries, this is considered as a crime and therefore punishable by lengthy prison sentences. This can be avoided by taking driving lessons, staying on the safe side of the road at all times, and obeying traffic lights.

Driving Under The Influence

This violation happens when a driver chooses to drive a vehicle despite the fact that he is under the heavy influence of alcohol or drugs. According to traffic statistics, majority of accidents occur as a direct or indirect result of driving under the influence of liquor and drugs. The important thing to do in order to avoid this offence is to stay away from booze before driving, and avoid using any kind of unlawful substances.

Negligent Driving

This is the failure to exercise the degree of care and attention which a reasonable and prudent driver would exercise in any given circumstance. To avoid this, one must be thoroughly observant with the traffic situation and adjust accordingly in order to avoid accidents.


The speeding limit depends on the country, state and city where you belong. However, the general rule is that you should avoid over-speeding at all times. Always keep track of how fast you are going, especially in public highways. Many professional drivers fall under this violation every now and then because they are not looking at their speed meters due to absent-mindedness. The simple solution is to be constantly mindful of how fast you are going.

Driving Without A License

In many countries, this is considered as a criminal offence and is categorized alongside theft, fraud and falsification of information. The way to avoid this violation is to simply get rid of being hard-headed. If you really have an emergency and you need to get into a car to reach your destination, have a friend drive you over instead of doing so yourself.

The penalty for these traffic offences vary from country to country. Wherever you reside, you must always take responsibility for your actions on the road. Doing so will ensure that you are always free from criminal charges.…

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Criminal Lawyers – Criminal Defence Strategies

Criminal Lawyers – Criminal Defence Strategies

Criminal courts dispense justice following technical rules of procedure that both sides to a case must observe. Generally, an act in court requires the permission of the judge before any party can be perform it.

This permission may be obtained after submitting a request verbally in court or in writing, through a motion. Motions are often argued and heard before a judge and are best handled by criminal lawyers. Melbourne criminal courts strictly adhere to rules of procedure and non-compliance may adversely affect the outcome of your case.

Basic steps for filing a motion

Notice and hearing are important elements of any motion and follow a chronological order. A motion always starts by giving notice to the other party and to the judge as well of your intention to seek the court’s permission to do something. A motion must cite specific reasons and applicable legal precedent which the adverse party has the right to review and oppose.

At the motion hearing, both sides are given the opportunity to give oral arguments before the judge hands out his decision on the matter.

How to use motions in criminal case

Depending on the circumstances of your case, your lawyer may file the following motions to obtain clearly specified outcomes:

* Motion to modify bail, if you want to change your bail status

* Motion to dismiss complaint, if you want the judge to dismiss an insufficient criminal complaint against you

* Motion to reduce charges, when the details of the alleged criminal incident do not accurately describe the charge against you

* Motion for change of venue, when you feel that moving the trial of your case to another court will ensure a fair trial

* Motion for bill of particulars which may be used to obtain all details of the charges against you

* Motion for discovery, which if granted by the court, will require the prosecution to turn over all evidence in their possession, an important tool in many criminal defence strategies

When to make motions

Appropriate motions may be made at various stages of the court proceedings, whether before, during or after trial, although not all motions are available to you after trial. Timeliness coupled with thorough knowledge of the facts of the case and applicable law is crucial in seeking approvals of motions.

Seasoned criminal lawyers Melbourne practitioners preferably, are familiar with local court systems and can increase your chances of obtaining favourable outcomes in your motions.…

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Why a Concealed Weapons Permit In AZ Is Superior To Relying on the Constitutional Carry Law Alone

Why a Concealed Weapons Permit In AZ Is Superior To Relying on the Constitutional Carry Law Alone

Obtaining a concealed weapons permit, as I explained in my last article, is time consuming and costs money. Instead, a person could choose to rely on the “Constitutional Carry Law,” that was recently enacted. This is actually a poor decision. There are many extra restrictions which could land someone in hot water rather quickly. Obtaining a permit is well worth the time and money invested, and could end up saving someone a much larger amount of time and money.

The first thing that should be understood is the federal weapons-free school laws. Simply put, no one besides a peace officer or a person with a concealed weapons permit may have a concealed weapon within 1,000 feet of a school zone. If you were to draw out most urban areas and plot out this 1,000ft distance in circles, you would find that you are almost completely unable to travel in an urban area without crossing one of the boundaries. This is normally not an issue as federal police do not enforce traffic regulations or petty crime, however the person without a concealed weapons permit is in technical violation and could theoretically be charged with a crime.

Next is the restaurant issue. Any establishment which serves alcohol is off limits to anyone without a concealed weapons permit. Even then, they may restrict weapons (as many any property owner), but there is no allowance for someone without a permit to carry in a restaurant or bar. Of course, even with a permit the weapon must be completely concealed and the permit holder may not consume alcohol while carrying.

In addition to the stated reasons, there are several more complex ones at work in this situation. A person carrying a concealed weapon is advised to disclose that fact to any police officer who is in contact with them. This is not to threaten, obviously, but to let them know so they are not “surprised” if they catch a glimpse of it. A permit, by virtue of requiring a background check and fingerprints, vets the holder in a way. While it is in no way an assurance of innocence, it give a bit more of a mantle of reliability and uprightness to the person who possesses it. This is obviously out the window if the permit holder is caught violating a law, for example carrying in a restaurant that clearly does not allow it.

Obtaining a permit requires training that others would not receive as well. The legal statutes can be complex and should be understood before one begins carrying a weapon. The class required to get a permit review these, and provide the permit holder with resources for further education. There are many reasons to obtain a permit, both stated and implied. Overall, the commitment of eight hours and a hundred dollars is well worth the added benefit for the citizen who wishes to be armed.…

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Why Should You Call a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Why Should You Call a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney can be most effective if brought into a case at the earliest possible time. While good legal advice and representation can begin and be effective at many points in the legal process, a person who is accused of committing a crime may be best served by enlisting a lawyer as soon as possible. There are at least five situations in which you should call a lawyer:

If you think you are under suspicion of violating criminal law, the advice of a lawyer on how to proceed can be extremely valuable. Someone may have told you they were questioned by police and your name came up. You may know that you had some involvement in a crime that has occurred. You have rights, and it is best to understand them, and how they can be protected, before the police get in contact with you.

If you have been questioned or are being asked to come in and answer questions, the counsel of a lawyer can be very beneficial. The Miranda warning police recite when arresting someone states that “anything you say can, and will be used against you”. During questioning, even if you are not under arrest, you want to be very certain of what you say. You have the right to an attorney at your side.

If you have been arrested, a lawyer can make certain that police are respecting your rights, including your right to say nothing. The arrest process is also an opportunity for your lawyer to learn more about why police made the arrest, and what evidence they feel they have against you. There is no need to go through an arrest on your own.

If you have been appointed a public defender and you are not satisfied with the level of representation you are getting, you may wish to call a lawyer at a private firm. You may have had a lawyer appointed for you, which is the law, and you may have discovered that these dedicated public employees have a heavy case load and cannot give you the attention you feel you need.

If you know you are guilty and want your rights protected, having a criminal defense attorney advising you, and representing you is essential. You will be under pressure to admit your guilt, but this can have consequences on the rest of your life. It may be possible to mitigate the punishment with your lawyer negotiating a deal on your behalf.…

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Get Out on Bail by Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Arrest Expert

Get Out on Bail by Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Arrest Expert

Generally, a person under arrest can apply for temporary release from police custody or for bail with the police sergeant at the station where he is being held. The ability to post bail goes hand in hand with the legal presumption of innocence that anyone accused of committing a crime enjoys. Bail application requires some legal knowledge and is best made with the help of a criminal lawyer. Melbourne’s special laws on bail provide several options so you don’t stay behind bars while your case is being tried in court.

Police bail

In many cases, applicants are refused bail when they have been charged with serious offences such as homicide and armed robbery. The following are the factors that a police sergeant considers in deciding a bail application:

gravity or seriousness of the alleged offence

possibility of flight or absconding

possibility of committing the same offence or interfering with evidence or hindering investigation

the protection of the applicant for bail

any medical or other care that the arrested person may require

any previous violation of bail conditions

strength of the evidence of guilt

any prior convictions

any special need for the accused to go on bail

Court bail

When police bail is refused, the person charged with an offence may apply for a review of the bail decision in court. In which case, the bail applicant may be asked to present evidence under oath to substantiate the grounds relied upon in the request for bail review. Bail decisions made by a magistrate are reviewable by the Supreme Court, whose decision on the matter is final and can no longer be appealed to any other authority.

Telephone review

If you are arrested on a weekend in remote areas where a court is not readily available, you can request for a magistrate to review the police bail refusal by telephone. The police sergeant who refused bail is obliged to contact a magistrate immediately upon receiving such request.

Kinds of bail


You may be released on bail on your own undertaking by signing a bail agreement and personally guaranteeing:

your appearance in all hearings

compliance with all conditions of the bail agreement

forfeiture of a specified sum of money for inexcusable absence at any hearing or failure to comply with any of the terms of the bail agreement.


A person released on his own undertaking may be required to present a guarantor who will execute a separate agreement guaranteeing that the person who is out on bail will comply with all the conditions of his bail agreement. The guarantor may also be asked to present a cash bond which may be forfeited when the person out on bail violates the bail agreement.

While anyone placed under arrest in Melbourne may apply for bail directly in the police station or in court, a lawyer can assist you in filling out the application form, citing all the reasons in your favour, and guiding you through the next procedures in case your bail application is denied.

Avoid jail time by posting bail with the help of a criminal defence lawyer Melbourne focused. Law firms are ready to assist from the moment you inform them of your arrest.…

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Tennessee DUI Laws – Implied Consent

Tennessee DUI Laws – Implied Consent

Tennessee, like most states, has what’s called an implied consent law. This law deems that any person who operates a motor vehicle in the state of Tennessee has given consent to a chemical test to determine the alcoholic or drug content of their blood. The test is given at the direction of a law enforcement officer, and the officer must have reasonable grounds to believe the person was driving while under the influence of an intoxicant or drug. Even though the law says “reasonable grounds,” a higher court in Tennessee has ruled that in order for the consequences of refusal to apply, the officer must find probable cause, not reasonable grounds, to believe a motorist has consumed intoxicants, and that a blood alcohol test will produce evidence of intoxication.

Prior to the test, then, there must be a belief that the driver was under the influence. This would include observations of slurred speech, bloodshot, watery eyes, or an odor of alcohol. Refusal to submit to the test will result in suspension of the driver’s license, and the driver must be advised of this prior to the test. For a first DUI offense in Tennessee, the length of suspension is usually one year.

Violation of the implied consent law is not a criminal offense, but rather a civil forfeiture. The only penalty is that the driver loses their license for one year (or longer, depending on circumstances or prior convictions). There is no jail time or fine. Thus a driver has the right to refuse to submit to the chemical test, but the right is not absolute. Even if the driver is acquitted of DUI, or the charge is dismissed or reduced, they will still be found in violation of implied consent and will have their license suspended. In this sense, refusal to submit is a matter of strict liability, which means that the state does not have to prove intent.

Even if a driver loses their license because of refusal to submit, they may apply for a restricted license. Application is made to the court, which will prepare an order for the restricted license. The driver must then take the order, along with the necessary insurance documents, to their local driver’s license office and complete the driver’s license test. With a restricted license, the individual may drive only to work, school, church, their probation office, or certain court-ordered activities.

So what should you do if you find yourself stopped on suspicion of drunk driving and are asked to do a BAC test? Any criminal lawyer will tell you do not submit. You deprive the state of potentially damaging evidence against you. If you submit and it’s.08 or higher, that is per se evidence of intoxication and it makes the State’s job much easier to convict you (but it still might not be a slam dunk). But now you know that if you do not submit you will lose your license whatever the outcome of the case, and you’ll be informed of such by the officer. You’ll also be arrested on suspicion of DUI. The officer may tell you if you submit and pass the test (a reading under.08), you’ll be let go. Decisions, decisions. Generally I would advise not to submit, as a restricted license and a few hours in jail isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you, but it’s just a call that you’ll have to make if and when that time comes.…

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How A Property Crime Lawyer Can Help With Charges

How A Property Crime Lawyer Can Help With Charges

In the defense against charges of property crime, a lawyer who knows property law and is well-trained in defending criminal cases can do a lot to not only protect the rights of the accused, but also to help lower charges or have them dropped altogether. With knowledge of how to defend the accused and how to find the right evidence through pre-trial investigation, a good criminal defense lawyer knows how to best take care of their clients and provide them the best legal protection.

Property crime is defined as a category of criminal acts that involves the taking of property, but without force or threat of force against a victim. In effect, armed robbery, for example, is classified under violent crime as opposed to theft. Crimes under the category of property crime aside from theft include burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, home invasion and vandalism.

What a defense lawyer can do to assure the protection of the accused during the case includes interviewing the involved parties, police and possible witnesses to uncover the truth and help prepare an aggressive case in the client’s defense. Since a defense lawyer will uphold the right of the accused to a fair trial, they can cross-examine any witnesses if ever to ensure that there were no exaggerations or lies during the testimony.

Although some crimes filed as an act against property law may not be as serious as others, a property crime lawyer can safeguard the rights of the defendant and help prevent any unnecessary damage to the client’s reputation.…