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Areas and Fields of Law

Areas and Fields of Law

While entering higher education many students choose law as their area of study for graduation. There are several reasons for which people choose law as their area of study. Some of them become enthusiastic, some for earn as a lawyer and the rest of them give legal aid to the mass people.

Some information regarding the fields of law is shown below, especially which are performed by a lawyer:

Corporate Law:

The corporate lawyers help their clients to carry out their business relationships in a well organized and reliable mode with the law. The liability of a corporate lawyer takes account of making company contracts, rational property and examining the reasons of bankruptcy of any business or company.

Criminal Law:

Criminal Law takes account of crimes. Lawyers of criminal defense handle clients who are accused of crimes. Their common complements are the district attorneys and the prosecutors who signify the well being of the situation. The criminal lawyers are responsible to give legal protection to their accused clients and prove them as innocent. As well as they are accountable to make perfect inspections in order to rescue their clients from such criminal accusation.

Environmental Law:

The lawyers who deals with environmental law like the laws to protect the natural resources, laws of our surroundings and physical landscape, laws to save wild animals, etc. Environmental lawyers take effective actions against the companies or individuals who try to harm our natural environment.

Family Law:

Family law means the law which related with family matters, crimes and disputes and the lawyers are responsible to represent legal aids to their clients regarding family violence or disagreement. The lawyers who practice about family matters like divorce case or other legal matters are generally known as Family Lawyers.

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Rational Law:

Rational property takes account of protecting the creator of rational works like creating programs, writing books, drawing pictures, creating new inventions, etc. These rational properties are covered under intellectual law. This law deals with responsibilities and rights of originators of intellectual property.