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Personal Injury Cases, Personal Injury Attorneys and Their Expertise

Personal injuries are cases in which an individual was hurt either physically, emotionally, psychologically or by reputation. Personal injury cases land under the intentional tort. Intentional torts are cases whereas the injury did not occur by mishap but instead it occurred maliciously and with intent. Some civil injury lawsuits for intentional tort cases are:

A. Battery
B. Intentional infliction of emotional distress
C. False Imprisonment
D. Assault
E. Defamation
F. Trespass
G. Conversion

Let’s take a look at some of these types of cases. False imprisonment means to detain a person against their will. To hold a individual by force is against the law and yes, the person/organization can definitely be sued over it. The person can be threatened or physically coerced to stay or leave into a another area against their will. Conversion is a definition very similar to theft. It occurs when a person’s property is being controlled by another individual, without that individual giving that person permission. So in a court of law, even if the person’s property was returned the person that had control over it could still be sued.

Different types of common personal injury categories are slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, dog bites, car accidents etc. Medical malpractice claims are quite common. More than 17,000 lawsuits are filed every year, due to malpractice. Different types of situations can lead to a doctor being sued for malpractice. Some of those mistakes are incorrect medical instructions given to a patient, no follow-up care, incorrectly reading tests that were performed, during surgery a mistake was made, discharging a patient too early.

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Prior to making a decision to sue for malpractice a few things that will need to be considered during trial are has the mistake caused a injury that would not have happened otherwise? Also, did the mistake actually fail to meet the accepted medical standards? And then, is going to trail worth it? Was that much damage done to go to trial over?

Medical malpractice laws began to really take off in Europe in 1200 AD, however even before that, in Roman times doctors were held to a certain standard. Medical malpractice did not appear in the US until the 1800s. Once we reached the 60s medical practice became quite common in the US. Person’s in all types of positions can be sued for malpractice, including pharmacists, chiropractors, registered nurses, psychologists etc.

The purpose of hiring an attorney during a malpractice suit is to make sure you are properly represented. Even if you are an expert when it comes to the law, it is good to have someone by your side to fight for your reputation. Attorneys are trained to look at their cases in a way that will benefit their clients. Looking for a medical malpractice attorney harrisburg pa or a medical malpractice in mobile al? No matter what state you are in it should not be a problem to find a diligent, educated attorney who if willing to fight for your career.

When participating in a malpractice case, special knowledge of the law is required. A good lawyer will be able to determine if the case can be settled prior to going to trial. They are trained to find errors or weaknesses in the case. With their education and preparation they are well-equipped to make sure you, the client, come out on the right side of things.

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