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Should You Hire A Criminal Lawyer To Handle Your DUI Case?

Should You Hire A Criminal Lawyer To Handle Your DUI Case?

A reliable Alameda County DUI lawyer should also be registered as a criminal lawyer in Oakland. He should be familiar with the local authorities, and the prestigious Alameda County courthouse, which is located in Oakland.

When arrested for Drinking Under the Influence, or DUI, the penalties can be rather severe when convicted. The consequences of a second arrest can be even more devastating, altering your life forever. Only through the representation of an experienced Alameda County DUI lawyer will you be able to significant influence your case, and the potential outcome.

How do you select the right Criminal lawyer in Oakland?

To find the best possible legal representation, research the DUI attorneys in your area. Only hire the one who has qualifications, such as:

• Having an extensive background practicing DUI cases.

• Winning many DUI cases, or being able to positively influence the outcome of the sentencing when guilt was proven.

• Being familiar with any equipment used during DUI testing.

• Not coming to any conclusions, until all the facts have been thoroughly investigated – from the beginning to the end.

• Spending plenty of time with clients, even during the initial consultation.

• Charging rates everyone can afford.

• Also being recognized as a topnotch criminal lawyer in Oakland.

The reason why an Alameda County DUI lawyer should also be familiar with all aspects of criminal law is quite obvious. While being caught drinking under the influence is bad enough, you may be facing additional charges when causing an accident in this condition. The charges will rapidly pile up. Your life will be ruined, unless you are represented by an attorney who understands all the aspects of criminal law.

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