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Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney

Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney

Being arrested for a crime in Florida can be intimidating and disheartening. When the accused person is innocent, the idea of facing criminal charges is especially frightening. Under Florida law, a lawyer will be appointed for a person if they cannot afford one. Another option is to represent oneself. Common sense, however, usually suggests that the defendant should hire a criminal defense attorney in Florida. There are several reasons for this. Here are just a few.


The State’s laws are very particular. Self-representation should not be attempted by anyone who does not have a full understanding of the Florida Statutes. They explain the process and requirements. Some defendants to attempt self-representation do not realize that a judge cannot and will not give them any legal advice. This includes potential moments when the defendant is missing important information from the prosecution because they simply did not ask for it. No one advises them when they may be able to have their case dismissed entirely due to mishandled evidence or improper procedure. Arguments and evidence must be presented a certain way in the Florida court system. This is why attorneys must pass the Florida Bar exam before they are given the privilege and right to practice law in the Sunshine State.


The private lawyer will take the time to explain what happens when the defendant takes a plea bargain or is convicted of a crime. Some of the events that take place simply upon conviction may not be obvious to a defendant representing themselves. A public defender may not have the time or inclination to go through all scenarios and stipulations involved.

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Some lawyers are more experienced in certain types of matters than others. For example, a bankruptcy attorney may be able to handle a murder case, but a criminal defense lawyer would probably do a better job. When choosing an attorney, one should seek out a lawyer with experience and expertise with the types of charges involved in the case. A DUI attorney, for example, is better suited to handling a driving under the influence case than someone who has never approached one before. DUI attorneys understand the importance of requesting and attending the administrative hearing. Most inexperienced counsel may not understand that it is an important step to reduced sentencing or having driving privileges restored. As a result, retaining a Florida criminal lawyer with appropriate experience is crucial.


Lawyers in the Florida Public Defender’s Offices are well-known to have higher caseloads than private attorneys. This gives the public defender less time to investigate the accusations, conduct interviews, prepare witnesses, file paperwork and organize a defense. A private Florida criminal defense lawyer is able to spend more time on each individual case. They can meet all potential witnesses, learn about important details and discover any pertinent evidence that might otherwise slip through the cracks.