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A Criminal Law Attorney Is a Defendant’s Best Friend

A Criminal Law Attorney Is a Defendant’s Best Friend

Although everyone is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, some people just refuse to think this way. In their eyes, anyone who is charged with a crime is guilty until proven innocent. This is especially true if someone is being accused of a crime such as murder or rape. Many times, when someone has been charged with these types of crimes, people automatically call for them to either be executed or spend the rest of their lives in prison. Although this may be the correct way to handle the situation in some cases, there have also been a number of times that people have been falsely accused, falsely convicted, falsely sentenced and falsely punished. The sad thing is, many times these mistakes can be attributed to people with the aforementioned mindset. The good news is, people who are being charged with criminal activity, no matter how big or small, don’t have to defend themselves alone. They can solicit the help of a criminal law attorney.

These professionals are skilled in defending and advocating for those who have been accused. Their role is extremely vital to a defendant, especially one who is being charged wrongly. There have been many reported cases of people being wrongly convicted or even wrongly executed. Being accused of something you didn’t do on a day to day basis seems bad enough. Just imagine sitting in jail or being on death row for something you honestly did not do. The sad thing is it happens all of the time. There are even people going through this type of situation right now.

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Although having a criminal law attorney isn’t a 100 percent guarantee that a falsely accused person will walk away free, they will definitely have a better chance of getting a fair trial. When someone who is being accused of a harsh crime is sitting in front of a jury they are already at a disadvantage. Everyone wants to believe that the jury is 100 percent objective. However, this is difficult for anyone to truly do. Everyone has had experiences that have shaped their way of thinking. Therefore, at least one person in the jury may have a bias against the defendant, even if it’s just a slight one. So, in some cases they would have to work extra hard to convince the court that they are innocent.

Having a highly-skilled criminal law attorney by their side, will give them the best opportunity to prove their innocence and walk away free. Without them, the defendant would be putting themselves at a great disadvantage. It’s not enough to truly be innocent. However, you must also be able to prove this innocence to others.