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The Mandatory Things About Law that You Need to Know

In this era, it is very important for us to know about the law, both the law in general and in particular. Not only to know it, but also understand about it. Because by knowing and understanding the law, we can uphold justice and defend our rights. Many people are oppressed because they do not know the law. So, with the purpose of knowing more about the law, let us discuss further about the law so we can get some ideas of what the law is and also what affects and is influenced by the law itself.

  1. Definition of Law

According to Wikipedia, Law is a system of rules that is created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior. Law is also a system that regulates and guarantees that the state of affairs.

There are many aspects that are protected by law, such as origins (history), life principles, human rights, to aspects we can encounter everyday, such as the law of driving and traffic. In this traffic law itself there are many types of rules that exist, ranging from how to drive, completeness of a license in driving, to the rules when an accident occurred. Fort Wayne workers comp attorney can help you explain this case in more details.

  1. Purpose of the Law

All things enforced must have usability, both for personal and public use. And so as the law, laws are created to regulate the principles in daily life. The following are some of the goals of law enforcement.

  • Creating orderly society order, creating a balance with the achievement for society order.
  • With the law, people who have been exposed to punishment is expected to be deterrent and not break the rules anymore
  • To set state security
  • To regulate justice, provide as much benefit to the community that is by giving happiness and pleasure (utility theory)
  • Divide the rights and responsibilities between individuals in the community
  • Divide authority and manage how to solve legal problems.
  • As a tool of social control, which has the task to maintain order or life pattern in society.
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There are still many uses of the law in everyday life. Some of the things mentioned above are just some of the most visible legal functions.

  1. Kinds of Legal Divisions

After knowing about the definition, purpose and also the benefits of the law in everyday life, it will help us more if we also know some kind of division of law, here are some explanations about it.

According to the source

  • The law of Constitution
  • Customary law, which is the law that lies in customary rules.
  • Law of treaties, namely laws established by a State in a treaty of the State.
  • The law of jurisprudence, that is the law formed by the judge’s verdict.
  • The law of doctrine, that is, the law formed from one’s opinion or some of the famous law scholars in the science of law.

According to its shape

  • Written law, that is the law that is imposed on various laws
  • Unwritten law (custom law), which is a law that is still alive in the beliefs of society, but not written, but enforced as a rule of law.

According to the place of entry

  • National law, that is the law applicable within a State.
  • International law, which governs the relationship of law in the international world.

By the time of entry into force

  • Ius constitutum, that is the current law for a particular society in a particular area.
  • Ius constituendum, the law that is expected to apply in the future.
  • The basic law (law of nature), that is the law that applies everywhere in all times and to all the nations of the world.
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In the life of society, the existence of law has an important role in regulating and maintaining public order. Therefore, it is important for us to know and understand the law itself.