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Seek Help If Your Child is Charged With an Offense

Seek Help If Your Child is Charged With an Offense

One of your worst fears has just been realized. You have received a call that your child has been arrested. You now have to go down to the police station to pick him or her up, and then face the numerous problems involved in the situation. You are angry, you are hurt, you may feel betrayed. You emotions run the gamut from failure as a parent to anger at your child. Something needs to be done, but what?

Doing nothing may be one of the worst avenues to take. Ignoring the situation will obviously not resolve it, nor do criminal matters resolve themselves. Without first learning all of the facts of the matter at hand, it is impossible to make an informed decision of the course of action to take. Your child may have been the victim of mistaken identity, at the wrong place at the wrong time, or, may have in fact committed a criminal act. But you won’t know until you find out the particulars.

Your child will be at a crossroads in this situation, the actions taken will have a long lasting effect on his or her future, for better or worse. A criminal record, even a juvenile record, can follow them long into the future. College, future employment and various licenses might be affected by the course of action in your child’s matter. As important, you have to determine if you will be financially responsible for the actions of your child. Will you be required to pay restitution? Will you be financially responsible if your child is placed in a juvenile facility?

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Tough love does not mean abandonment. You can remain tough as a parent, fulfilling your responsibilities, while at the same time working towards the best possible solution to minimize the permanent damage to your child and you. A part of “tough love” is “love”, something your child may very well need at this time.

Hiring a competent criminal lawyer at the first instance can make all of the difference. The sooner the lawyer is retained, the sooner he or she can investigate the facts, and determine the best course of action. As importantly, a competent, criminal attorney can take some of the emotional burden off of your shoulders, providing emotionally detached advice on how to proceed.

A law firm that is experienced in juvenile criminal matters can represent you from the beginning of your child’s case until the end. They will have dealt with many, many of the same circumstances you are currently experiencing, and their guidance will prevent you from groping in the dark, as many often do. Don’t delay, these experts are there to help and most often offer a free consultation.