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Tampa Crime Rate Down, Still Dangerously High

Tampa Crime Rate Down, Still Dangerously High

In 2008, there were reports of over 37,000 crimes committed in Tampa or about three per household. Tampa, as well as other major cities in Florida, is known for its high crime rate.

The ratio of Tampa crime compared to New York City crime is a surprising discovery when keeping in mind that New York City is one of the nation’s most densely populated cities. Tampa has a higher ratio of nearly all major crimes including triple the counts of rape and nearly quadruple the counts of burglary.

The only positive statistics coming from Tampa’s crime rate is the consistent annual drop in crime. In the past ten years the average crime rate in Tampa has decreased by more than half. Counts of burglary, murder, aggravated assault, and robbery have all dropped, and should continue to do so.

The crimes committed vary in severity and when individuals are prosecuted can be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. The punishment for a felony can range from a year in prison to life or possibly even the death penalty. Misdemeanors are typically of a less severe nature and can range from a simple fine to up to a year in jail and a $1000 fine.

Misdemeanors can also come with sanctions such as suspension of a driver’s license, use of crimes against oneself in future trials, risk or deportation, or house arrest. Though misdemeanors are seen as lesser crimes they can still hurt an individual if he or she continues to disobey the law, and can possibly prevent certain types of employment.

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