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Different Types of Attorneys

Different Types of Attorneys

There are many different types of lawyers and attorneys in the world today. For the most part they can be separated into different types of lawyers. There are two main categories civil and criminal. For the most part we will be talking about civil but we will mention criminal as well.

The first thing that we do before anything else is going to be to define the difference between a civil lawyer and a criminal lawyer. A civil attorney deals only with cases that deal with people or companies wanting damages paid to them from an at fault party who has caused them harm or property damage. A criminal attorney handles cases that deal with the enforced law of the government. A criminal case lawyer is needed if you or a person is suspected of breaking the laws set forth by a governing body and face being sentenced by a court of law. The main difference is that criminal laws are enforced by the government and civil laws are enforced by private parties.

Now that we have that cleared up its time to take a quick moment and look at some of the types of criminal law attorneys. There are a lot of criminal attorneys out there but the main two groups are defense lawyers or prosecuting attorneys or prosecutors. Within these main groups there are sub groups such as public defenders, and district attorneys.

Now on to the civil case attorneys, there are two main categories much the same as the criminal case attorneys. The two major categories are the attorneys who deal with divorces, trusts, property disputes and wills. This civil attorney spends little time in the courtroom and more time doing paperwork. The reason that this happens is because most times the two parties involved come to an agreement long before the problem goes to court. This type of attorney also hands contract and employee disputes.

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The next type of civil case lawyer is the one who handles cases that have to deal with personal injury cases. Personal injury attorneys are attorneys that deal with cases that have to deal with someone getting hurt or killed due to the negligence or abuse of another company or individual. Personal injury attorneys make up most of the attorneys out there.

This concludes our discussion on the major types of lawyers. This has just been a brief overview of different types out there. There are more than a hundred different sub categories of lawyers out there in the world today.