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The Criminal Law Attorney – Finding the Best

The Criminal Law Attorney – Finding the Best

Hiring a criminal law attorney can be expensive. Think about what you’re getting for your money, however. You hire an expensive mechanic and you’ll get your transportation back in working order. You hire an expensive maid service and you’ll come home to a clean house. Hire an expensive defense lawyer and it could be your very freedom you protect. The term “priceless” gets thrown around in a lot of situations where it isn’t strictly warranted, but this is one area where it really applies. That said, you need to make sure you get someone worth the money. Here are some factors to consider.

Time and Effort

You can learn a lot about a criminal law attorney in an initial consultation. This meeting isn’t only about explaining your case and letting a lawyer determine whether or not he wants the case. It’s also your opportunity to do some evaluation of your own. How eager does this guy seem to take your case? While you should be wary of anyone who talks like a walking advertisement, you should expect some measure of excitement and passion. You need a lawyer who will devote time and energy into your representation. If you get the feeling your case is not going to be a priority, you need to find someone else.


There is probably no better way to find a good criminal law attorney than through personal recommendations. Unfortunately, unless you run with others who have often been in trouble with the police, chances are you don’t have a large well from which to draw. It only takes one friend, relative, or acquaintance, however, to steer you in the right direction. If you’re serving time in jail while waiting for your day in court, you might find help from the other inmates. Of course, just because someone recommends a lawyer, it doesn’t mean they are actually any good. It will tell you more than an ad on TV, though.

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Comfort Factor

You won’t read a review on a doctor without hearing about his bedside manner, or lack thereof. While there really isn’t an equivalent in the legal profession, it is important that you find a criminal law attorney you’re comfortable with. If you have a choice between two lawyers, both of whom are at the top of their profession, it may come down to personal rapport when making the choice. Even the best lawyer in the world will be difficult to deal with if you don’t get along. You need to trust and talk to your criminal law attorney. Make sure you find someone who fits the bill.