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What happens following a car accident?

If you are in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault, it’s important to know how to proceed. Often, it makes sense to visit a legal website, such as personalinjuryvancouverportland.com. From there, you can get legal counsel to know how you should proceed.

Visit a Doctor

You should visit a doctor within 72 hours of your car accident. This way, you can find out what types of injuries you may have sustained. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may have head trauma, whiplash or a back injury. If you don’t go to the doctor right away, it can be difficult to prove that your injuries are from the car accident.

Get Your Car Fixed

If you have damages to your car, get them fixed. This will likely involve you having to pay the deductible for your auto insurance. However, if the accident wasn’t your fault, the other person’s insurance will likely reimburse the deductible for you. This means that you won’t, ultimately, have any money out of pocket.

Focus on a Financial Settlement

By contacting a personal injury lawyer, you can focus on a financial settlement that is fair. Your lawyer can help you find a doctor, get the deductible faster, and establish what is fair compensation. Once you are released from the doctor, it’s easier to establish a settlement based on what kind of pain and suffering you have endured. You can also review your lost wages and any lost future earnings.

Getting into a car accident can be scary. Before you let too much time pass, contact a personal injury lawyer. They can help you figure out what to do in the days, weeks, and months following your accident.

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