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Why Should You Call a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Why Should You Call a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney can be most effective if brought into a case at the earliest possible time. While good legal advice and representation can begin and be effective at many points in the legal process, a person who is accused of committing a crime may be best served by enlisting a lawyer as soon as possible. There are at least five situations in which you should call a lawyer:

If you think you are under suspicion of violating criminal law, the advice of a lawyer on how to proceed can be extremely valuable. Someone may have told you they were questioned by police and your name came up. You may know that you had some involvement in a crime that has occurred. You have rights, and it is best to understand them, and how they can be protected, before the police get in contact with you.

If you have been questioned or are being asked to come in and answer questions, the counsel of a lawyer can be very beneficial. The Miranda warning police recite when arresting someone states that “anything you say can, and will be used against you”. During questioning, even if you are not under arrest, you want to be very certain of what you say. You have the right to an attorney at your side.

If you have been arrested, a lawyer can make certain that police are respecting your rights, including your right to say nothing. The arrest process is also an opportunity for your lawyer to learn more about why police made the arrest, and what evidence they feel they have against you. There is no need to go through an arrest on your own.

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If you have been appointed a public defender and you are not satisfied with the level of representation you are getting, you may wish to call a lawyer at a private firm. You may have had a lawyer appointed for you, which is the law, and you may have discovered that these dedicated public employees have a heavy case load and cannot give you the attention you feel you need.

If you know you are guilty and want your rights protected, having a criminal defense attorney advising you, and representing you is essential. You will be under pressure to admit your guilt, but this can have consequences on the rest of your life. It may be possible to mitigate the punishment with your lawyer negotiating a deal on your behalf.