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Criminal Law – Unspoken Rules of Power and Privilege in Washington DC – Operating Above the Law

Criminal Law – Unspoken Rules of Power and Privilege in Washington DC – Operating Above the Law

When we were in high school we were taught that no one is above the law, but as we get into adulthood we realize that some people operate above the law, and whether or not they are above the law or not, we realize that there are unspoken rules of power and privilege particularly in Washington DC.

In fact, there have been senators, and congressmen who have been caught taking bribes, cheating on their taxes, and other things, but rather than being arrested, they are taken into a committee where supposedly they are judged by their own peers.

Unfortunately, with all the corruption Washington DC their peers are not exactly the epitome of integrity, or of the ethical fiber and make up as the Waltons on TV. Not to mention the fact that if a committee member goes lightly on them, they will have political favors in the future for letting them off the hook.

In other words, folks that have created criminal violations are able to negotiate their own settlement, and take unspoken bribes to maintain their freedom, and their seat in the Senate or Congress. We all know why this is wrong, but we also all know it goes on in Washington DC.

Now then, because of all the nasty politics politicians are often targeted as criminals, even if they haven’t committed a crime. And obviously they cannot afford the lawyers to defend themselves every time the political opposition charges them with something. Nevertheless, whereas that too is a reality, no one should be above the law, and we shouldn’t have criminals representing us in our great Republic.

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Okay so, we all know the unspoken rules of power and privilege, and often we pretend they don’t exist, but they do. They even exist legally in Washington DC, because that’s how the law works, and that’s how things are done. Are they right or wrong?

It depends on the individual and the situation of course. However, criminal law in Washington DC is a lot different than criminal law in your local county courthouse. Please consider all this.