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Pipedrive Certified Partner in Sweden Suggests: Communication is Key

In these troubled times when even going to the office is a risk for life, companies are trying to manage a new system that will make the communication easier. Some companies think that letting people work from home is just enough for solving the problem, but this is far from enough.

Pipedrive is a cloud-based software that allows employees from one company to communicate and share information with each other without feeling the absence from the office.

The concept was designed in Finland but is now part of many countries in Europe and around the World. The Pipedrive Sweden outpost realized that one of the key parts of a successful business is the communication skill of the employees.

This is why every company must provide the best possible software for letting people talk to each other fast, accurately, and help them be productive. Here are some of the reasons why they think this is so important. Follow up!

Boosts productivity

Employees that are able to talk to each other for solving problems in the workplace guarantee the employer that the company is going straight up. You probably noticed that almost all HR managers insist that new acquisitions have extraordinary communication skills.

The reason for this is that it is proven that firms who managed to solve this perfectly have a much higher success rate in their businesses. People who don’t have this skill will have a hard time working with others which means they’ll slow down the process.

When you make some of the workers work slow, it will show the others that the production line is not going as it is supposed to be going. They’ll become less motivated and everything will go slow instead of the normal speed.

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In other words, one employee will spark the butterfly effect and will turn the whole company into a place that is not productive. This is why all managers are looking for people who can become a part of the team.

Brainstorming benefits

It’s not productive having everyone in the office, or in the chat room, blabbing about whatever comes to mind, but brainstorming can be so productive for the company. Having a team of people who are experts in a certain field and they are capable of expertly transferring their ideas to the rest can be very positive to the firm.

Some of the greatest inventions and ideas in the business world came from the collaboration of more people. Think of Sergey Brin and Larry Page who created Google. Or Bill Gates and Paul Allen that made Microsoft. Geniuses that were able to share their ideas with each other and with it literally changed the world as people knew it before.

Having all data in one place is amazing

Back to the story about cloud software. Having all employees in one place and letting them maintain perfect communication means having all data about the firm in one place. That makes things too easy for everyone to handle problems and regular tasks.

When you’re working in a large or medium company, you’re probably going to the office together with hundreds of other people. When you need something done, you usually send the need through the internet even though the other person is in the same building.

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There’s no difference between that situation and you work from home. But if you have no proper software to make it feel like you’re all inside the same building, then it will seem like everything’s falling apart.

The problem with using free software is that the important information for the business might be easily breached and hackers will ruin everything you do. That’s why this is a better option. See this interesting article about why it is so important to protect your information.


As you can see, communication and having the perfect software for it by your side can be a lifesaver for the business in these troubled times. Without too much effort you can maintain everything as it used to be before. All you need to do is find the perfect software, like Pipedrive that will provide everything you need in just a few clicks.