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Divorce, To Be Or Not To Be

Divorce, To Be Or Not To Be

If you are wondering whether or not to have a divorce, you must be having troubles in your marriage. The following discussion will give you tips on dealing with this question.

Opting for divorce is a hard decision to make. You might feel that you are not focused and your mind aimlessly wanders. This is a grueling and confused stage for you because it has something to do with inward reflection. You might realize some things regarding your nature that are not pleasant. You may remember incidents that have been forgotten. You might understand that you are not to blame for this or that you were the main reason why this is happening.

You have to understand that during these times where emotions run high, it is not good to make a decision. Your emotions affect your judgment bad decisions are made. Take some time to clear your head. You need to be logical and impartial. Perhaps you need the help of a good counselor to help you sort things out.

Take a good look at your concept of marriage and comprehend what is needed in order for this partnership to work. You have to be realistic and honest about yourself. Make a list of the pros and cons of marriage versus divorce.

Try to answer the following questions.

Have you ever considered asking help from a marriage counselor? Are you listening to each other or tuning out each other? Have you ever tried to single out the real problems of the marriage? Are your ways of fighting damaging or creative? Do you spend quality time for each other, making compromises along the way? Do you work as a team towards a single goal? Do you hold grudges even after making up? Are you both agreeable to mending your issues together?

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Are your finances enough to pay the cost of the divorce, transfer to another residence, or stand on your own? Is the state of your career and your ability to earn stable enough to support your self and the children (if any)? Are you prepared for the psychological issues that the children would be facing once you are both separated? Are you ready for the changes in your lifestyle-house, car, time? Are you ready to be separated from the children when worse comes to worst? Are you prepared to live a single life again-no security, no emotional support, possibly with children?

Writing down the facts about these things can help you rationalize a proper decision. Divorce is such a complicated thing yet it may be your best alternative.