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Does a Criminal Offense Give My Child a Criminal Record?

Does a Criminal Offense Give My Child a Criminal Record?

The parents of children charged with criminal offenses immediately worry if their child will have a criminal record as a result of the charge. Honestly, there is no simple answer to this question, as each case, circumstances, and results are unique, and all of these factors play a part in answering that important question.

Parents who find themselves in the difficult position of helping their children through the complex family court judicial system have the great responsibility of obtaining the best representation they can for their child as they go through the court procedures. Sometimes, choosing the right criminal lawyer can mean the difference between a permanent criminal record, a juvenile record, or an expunged record, and that difference can be a seriously positive or negative turning point in the life of a child.

As every adult knows, the turbulent teenage years are full of memorable events, some that you look back upon fondly, others that make you grimace. Making a wrong decision during this tempestuous time can result in a court case and consequences that will last a lifetime for everyone involved. Not only is it important that parents and children know this, it’s also important to know that if a wrong decision is made that results in a court case, they are not alone.

There are specialized attorneys who know the complexities of the family and juvenile court system, who have stood beside families in troubled times and helped them and their children make the best out of a difficult situation. Just as there is an expert DUI lawyer out there for those who find themselves in a DUI citation situation, and a diligent workers compensation lawyer out there for those injured on the job, a dedicated defense attorney is here available for you and your family, to help you get through your child’s court case.

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For parents who are wondering about their child’s possible criminal record, it is best to consult a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney with a specialization in juvenile cases. Sometimes, on charges of lesser severity, a child can go through a diversion program, which handles the issue outside of a courtroom.

In other cases, depending on the seriousness of the charges, the records can be sealed or destroyed after a certain amount of time has passed and the individual has not had any subsequent charges. In other cases, it may be possible to have the child’s case expunged, or erased. In the most serious of crimes though, a child may be charged in adult court, with adult criminal record, procedural, and sentencing consequences. Again, each situation involving a juvenile is unique and will be treated so by a professional defense attorney.

If your child is involved or charged in a criminal matter, please contact a competent law office to learn more about your state’s juvenile laws and how they pertain to your child’s situation. A good lawyer will help you make sure your child receives the fairest treatment possible by the court system and help you understand your role in this challenging situation.