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What Types of Cases Are Considered Aggravated Assault?

What Types of Cases Are Considered Aggravated Assault?

The Arizona law indicates a number of factors that elevate a physical assault to a more severe charge of aggravated assault. If the assault results to a serious physical injury, whether leading to temporary or permanent disfigurement, then the case can fall under aggravated assault. The use of a deadly weapon or any dangerous instrument upon the assault is another factor leading to aggravated assault. Also, the charge is said to fall under the said assault when the person commits the crime after entering the home of another person to inflict serious physical injury.

A stronger case can be presented by the prosecutor if he or she can prove that the suspect is eighteen years old or older and the victim is only fifteen years old or younger. Another strong point to consider is if the suspect knowingly commits the assault against a peace officer.

If you are driving and you injured another person while impaired, it can also result to an aggravated assault charge against you regardless whether it involves physical injury or not. For example, if a person points a gun directly at another person and threatens them, then it can be a factor for aggravated assault. Even just a threat of serious injury is considered a good cause.

Another common case that can be considered as an aggravated assault takes place during bar fights. When even one person suffers because of it, he or she can file a case against all those who are involved. So if you are in the wrong place and at the wrong time, you better consult a good defense lawyer to get you out of the mess.

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When a person is found guilty of an aggravated charge of assault, the minimum imprisonment sentence he or she can get is five years. That is a lot of years to spend locked up in the four walls of a prison cell. In order for you not to go that far, hire a skilled defense attorney. Look for an attorney that already has experience in the case so he can give you valuable advices and increase your chance of being acquitted. You need a positive result in your criminal case so when you are charged in a civil suit, you already have leverage.

Do not just rely on police reports. Conduct your own investigation or you can even hire your very own private investigator to help you out with the case. Also, with an aggressive and skilled aggravated assault defense lawyer, you can get out of the criminal case unharmed, with your reputation still intact. You can either plead self-defense, or defense of a third party or even provocation.