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After Finding An Attorney

Whether you’re injured in a car accident or while you’re at work, a personal injury attorney can assist you in reaching a fair settlement with the other party’s insurance company. When you begin looking for an attorney, you need to speak with someone who will talk to you and represent you in the best way so that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Ask the attorney about courtroom experience as well as experience overall as an attorney so that you don’t hire someone who doesn’t specialize in personal injury claims. At some point during the first few meetings with your personal injury lawyer Clear Lake office, such as Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm, P.C., you need to provide the documents that you have about the incident. These include medical bills that you’ve already received, statements from witnesses at the scene, police reports, and documents from the emergency room if you went to the hospital after the injury occurred. Try to submit pictures if you have them so that the attorney has a better understanding as to what happened leading up to the injury.

If your attorney expects that it could take some time to reach a final decision with the other party, then you need to find out about the fees associated with the extension and if you are required to pay the fees before or after winning your settlement. You should also find out if you have to pay anything if you don’t win as some attorneys won’t make clients pay for services if they aren’t able to reach a fair settlement in court.

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Talk about how quickly your case could get resolved. It’s sometimes better to settle outside the courtroom instead of going through a trial, especially if you and your attorney can work out a fair settlement with the other party. Your attorney might suggest that you hire an investigator who can recreate the scene of the incident or who can look deeper into the events that took place. Another option that your attorney might suggest would be to see a doctor who specializes in your injuries and who can provide details about the ongoing treatments that you might need as well as information about whether you can return to work or not. These factors can play a part in how much money you ask for in the settlement and any other services that you might request from the other party.