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Common Laws on Unlawful Firearm Discharge

Common Laws on Unlawful Firearm Discharge

The right to gun and firearm use is one of the fundamental rights of all American citizens. However, as with any right there are restrictions that must be followed in order to maintain a peaceful and safe society. While there are many laws and legal restrictions that play a role in firearm restriction, some of the most important are those involving when and where it is legal to discharge a firearm. By understanding what these laws are, you are better able to protect your rights, freedoms, and interests.

Laws Concerning Firearm Discharge

Throughout the U.S., each state has the ability to set its own laws and restrictions in relation to who may buy a gun, who may sell guns, and when a gun may be used. While states have differing laws, there are some similarities between laws in different states. Some common firearm discharge laws include the following:

It is illegal to knowingly discharge a firearm into public

It is illegal to knowingly fire a gun on the right of way for a public road, street, or highway

It is illegal to knowingly discharge a firearm over a street, highway, road, or building

You may perform these acts if you are defending life or property

You may perform these acts if it is part of your official duties

If you are in an area approved for hunting and you have been personally approved to hunt, you can perform the above activities

If you are found guilty of violating these restrictions, you could face time in jail, probation, hefty fines, and a number of social and professional repercussions. Your ability to work with firearms in the future could also be compromised.

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