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Reasons You Should Be Working with a Skilled Castle Rock DUI Attorney

Never assume you should take your punishment because you were arrested for DUI, just because you want to put this incident behind you. Yes, it may have been a mistake, but if the officers also made a mistake during the arrest, your Castle Rock lawyer may be able to plea bargain with the prosecution to help you get a less harsh punishment. These are just a few of the reasons to consider hiring a local DUI lawyer Castle Rock CO professional.

Carefully Looking at the Evidence

Although on the surface you may feel this case is pretty solid against you, your attorney is going to carefully look at all the evidence to see if things are not quite what they seem. Your DUI attorney is looking to see why the officer pulled you over, why they chose the field tests they used, and how they handled the equipment that was used to determine your level of sobriety. If your rights were not upheld during each part of the arrest process, then your attorney is going to insist the case be dismissed.

Speaking with the Arresting Officer

Although the officer does not have to speak at the trial, your attorney knows how to get them on the stand at the license suspension hearing. By getting the officer to talk, this evidence can then be used at the trial to paint a different picture than the court sees. If the officer did or says something that was not in line with the evidence, it will be used to punch holes in the prosecution’s story. If nothing else, your attorney is going to get insight as to the mindset of the officer and can then prepare the case so that evidence shows contrary to what the officer said at the hearing. If the officer does not appear in court, your Castle Rock attorney can also motion the case to be dismissed.

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Working with the Prosecution if Needed

Even if the officer had good reason to pull you over and administered the test correctly, your attorney still can work to get the charges against you lessened. Your DUI attorney has a professional relationship with the prosecution and will plea bargain on your behalf to get the charges dropped from DUI to reckless driving, which carries a far less punishment. Your attorney could bring up your previous clean record in an effort to show this was not a pattern but a careless mistake.

Worst case scenario, your DUI attorney is trying to get it so you don’t lose your license and can continue to earn, so you are not negatively impacted financially for many years to come.

There is no reason that you should a bigger price for the same incident when another party is using a Castle Rock DUI attorney and you are not. Your lawyer will carefully consider all the aspects of your case so that you are in the best position for this to not negatively impact your way of life moving forward.