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Top 5 Norfolk Injury Attorneys

It is difficult to determine what personal injury means in the form of law. Before you start checking for Scott Barney, personal injury attorney, we have to present you a way to defend yourself.

We all know that when an accident or injury happens, no one can stay indifferent, especially if it happened to your loved one. Therefore, you have to decide to take a step further with the idea to protect your legal rights right after injury or accident.

However, people still have numerous general questions about personal injury law, and we’re here to give you an insight of what you can and cannot request.

What is Personal Injury Case

Legal disputes that happen when one person suffers harm from injury or an accident, you can consider as personal injury cases.

You should have in mind that personal injury cases require that someone else is legally responsible for the harm. Therefore, you can formalize it through civil court so that your attorney could find a legitimately fault through a court judgment.

On the other hand, lawyers resolve these disputes through a formal settlement, without going to court and filing a lawsuit.

  • Formal Lawsuit – Unlike other criminal cases, that government initiate due to breaking the law, an official personal injury case starts when private individual files complaint against other people, corporation, business, or government agency. The defendant alleges that someone else acted irresponsibly or carelessly in connection with an injury or accident that cause personal injury and harm to the defendant. We know this particular action as filing a lawsuit. More information on formal lawsuit, you can find by clicking here.
  • Informal Settlement – The reality tells us that most disputes over fault for injury or an accident go through informal settlement by people who were personally involved in it. Attorneys and insurers can also represent both sides in the moment of informal settlement. According to legal form, arrangement takes a perspective of negotiation. After that, both sides should make a written agreement in which they forgo further action. Instead, they choose to resolve the matter through payment of some agreeable amount of money.

Top 5 Norfolk Injury Attorneys

1. Bill O’Mara

Bill O’Mara is an attorney in Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers. He represents at Norfolk clients in Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Newport News and other areas.

He is one of the best personal injury lawyers that have arisen out of accidents that involved surgical errors, medication, misdiagnoses and other forms of medical malpractice.

At the same time, he represents accidents such as auto-pedestrian accidents, motor vehicles crashes, construction site accidents and dog bites. He obtained a wide array of high-dollar jury verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients, which is the main reason for its popularity.

2. Carlton Bennet

Carlton F. Bennet is a partner at Bennett & Sharp in Virginia Beach. He started as a practitioner of personal injury law, with the idea to represent victims of negligence throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Newport News. Newport News is a beautiful area that will provide you peace of mind. Just click on this website and you will find more about it:

He helps clients come through the process of negligence, and he is responsible for many collected damages from responsible parties. We can say that he is Robin Hood of the modern age because he continually pursues compensation for people who had wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice and motor vehicle accidents.

3. Rob Sullivan

Even though Rob Sullivan started in a significant Kansas City law firm, he joined with three other young lawyers to form Sullivan, Morgan and Chronic, LLC. Throughout his legal career, he handles numerous wrongful death cases as well as severe personal injuries with the idea to provide to the damaged part the entire settlement money.

His verdict was one of the top 20 verdicts where he obtained seven million dollars for a wrongful death verdict in trucking case.

4. Craig W. Carlson

He started as a partner in The Carlson Law Firm, and since the very start, he brought decades of experience for medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, military law and mass torts. Craig W. Carlson became a part of various legal organizations such as Fort Hood bar associations, American Bell County, American Association for Justice and many more.

He won numerous settlements with the idea to help defendants reach the appropriate amount of money after personal injury case. In most of them he avoided court, but even after the jury, he has a high score.

5. Robert L. Samuel, JR

Robert L. Samuel, JR is a notable shareholder of Pender & Coward law firm, that has office locations in Virginia, Norfolk, and Suffolk. He is a fantastic lawyer with more than 38 years …

Is It Challenging To Become A Foreign Lawyer In The USA?

Everyone who have seen the Boston Legal and other lawyer dramas and TV series wanted to become a lawyer similar as main characters. However, only a few of them can become a significant part of lawyer society.

If you want to become a lawyer in the United States, you should have in mind that it is complicated process especially if you’re a foreigner. The worst thing that you’ll meet along the way is bar exam, which will determine whether you have qualifications to practice law to a specific jurisdiction.

It doesn’t matter if you want to become one of the criminal lawyers in Houston, or you want to choose another form of lawyering because you will need to complete bar exam before you make another step.

Why Take a Bar Exam In The USA?

Even though universities are one of the most expensive ones in the world, they feature a fantastic reputation in the whole world. Therefore, most foreigners dream to go to Harvard, Yale or other universities where they can practice law with the most prominent minds in the attorney world.

If you want to study law in the USA, you have numerous reasons to choose a bar exam test. You can find innumerable foreigners trying to become Masters Of Law with the idea to take US bar exam. However, for international students, it is difficult to enter the universities and to finish them on time.

Apart from looking amazing on CV and your resume, when you choose the bar exam, you will demonstrate everyone that you understand US law, which is challenging and impressive accomplishments when we have in mind how many people try and fail.

It is a way better solution than having just an MA because it will allow you to become a fully admitted lawyer, which will increase your prospects so that you can work as a foreign legal consultant or a law clerk.

Where To Take The Bar Exam?

The answer to this particular question depends on personal preferences and numerous factors. When you start making a decision, have in mind that when you pass the bar, you will be able to work only in the state in which you took the exam.

Therefore, if you plan to move on, or practice law in the USA, it is essential to determine which state is the best for your personal and business preferences. If you don’t want to continue practicing law in the USA after you graduate, then you should base your particular decision on the regulations and requirements.

For example, it is essential to notice that New York is one of the most popular places when it comes to international students, while California is one of the most challenging states for international students to get a certified qualification.

What To Expect?

The bar exam consists of several parts, and you will need a few days to finish it. It depends on the state in which you wish to qualify for a lawyer because most states will create one test for the Multistate Bar Examination.

It is a multiple choice exam that covers topics that are not explicitly limited to one state. It features Torts, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Property and Evidence among other things.

In the second examination day, you will have to cover the law of the specific state you live in and taking the exam. It could be an essay exam, multiple choice exam or a combination of both. As the additional thing, the review could include the Multistate Performance Test, which will evaluate your general lawyering skills.

At the same time, you have to pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam, that will test your professional ethics and overall knowledge. You will get it as separate occasion from the bar exam you wish to finish.

Is It Difficult For Foreigners To Take Bar Exam?

Yes, it is extremely difficult for foreigners to pass the bar exam. Even if you obtained MA of Law, that wouldn’t guarantee you that you will be eligible to take bar exams. Most states, require US law school degree so that you can become a lawyer.

On the other hand, if you have foreign education, you have to give it to the American Bar Association for analysis and review, which can take a year until you get an answer. If they accept you, you will be able to sit in the state as soon as the exam goes on.

Check here for latest news at American Bar Association website.

Accidents May be Painful Both Physically and Financially

Being injured in an accident often means incurring unexpected expenses. These expenses could include medical bills but since most of those are not the responsibility of an accident victim, the reason injured people most often get into financial trouble is because they aren’t able to work while they recover from the accident.

When you can’t work, it can be challenging to pay bills and keep food on the table. Without a steady income, you may have to rely on others to meet your basic needs. It could be even more difficult if you have a family. Some people resolve this issue by going back to work before they are physically ready. This could slow down the recovery process, make it harder to schedule doctor appointments or even lead to additional medical problems.

Instead of returning to work against medical advice, you could hire an attorney to help settle your claim. Insurance companies count on victims getting so frustrated they give up and accept whatever the insurer offers. However, claims adjusters know that isn’t likely to be the case when a victim hires an attorney. Insurance companies know when a victim has an attorney, they are going to have to deal with a professional who has strong negotiating skills.

Car accident victims may be able to save themselves a lot of stress by hiring a personal injury attorney Tampa fl insurance companies to respect. By working with an attorney that has a reputation for getting results for their clients and who won’t advise a client to take an offer that isn’t in their best interest, a person who was an innocent victim of someone else’s negligence may be able to get a settlement that could help them recover financially as well as physically.

The financial aspect of automobile accidents could be devastating if the victim doesn’t take steps to settle the claim quickly and for an amount that will cover their current and future accident-related expenses. An attorney who focuses on personal injury law may be a great resource.…

Getting the Best Lawyer for Your Case

Legal issues are going to come up from time to time throughout your life. This is something that you will not be able to avoid. It is very important to have a very good legal representative working for you when these situations arise. There is a very common misconception that one lawyer is as good as any other. However, this is a major falsehood. The reality is that lawyers come in many different skill levels. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to take your time and look hard for a lawyer that has a great reputation for winning the type of case that you need help with. Here is how you can go about finding a lawyer who is ideally suited to represent you.

1. Look at all of the lawyers that are listed on the Better Business Bureau website.

Many people rely on the BBB when they need to hire a contractor. However, they also have very detailed reviews of lawyers who practice in every area of the law. It would be in your best interests to read all of the info that the BBB has provided at no cost to you. This will allow you to get a good idea regarding which lawyers are considered to be very skilled and reputable. You should pay attention to the rating that each lawyer has been given by the BBB. Only hire a personal injury attorney in Orlando FL who has been given a very high rating by the BBB.

2. How much experience does the lawyer have?

You should only hire a lawyer if he or she has been practicing for no less than four years. This will ensure that you are getting the highest possible level of legal representation when your case goes to court.

3. How does the lawyer expect to be paid?

You should be certain that you have a clear understanding of your financial obligations to the lawyer you hire. Will the lawyer agree to be paid on a contingency basis? This means that he or she will only get paid if they win.…

Why It’s Important to Work with a Divorce Lawyer

Relationships don’t always work. Regardless of why you need a divorce, there are a lot of components involved in ending a marriage. Working with St Louis divorce lawyers allows you to get everything handled properly.

Separation of Property

One of the hardest things about a marriage is determining who gets what. There may be debt, retirement accounts, a house, and a significant amount of marital property. In many instances, this is split 50/50. However, there are instances when one party may get more than the other.

If there are arguments about how property should be divided, a lawyer will be able to work with you. Often, each party within the marriage will have their own lawyer. A settlement will then need to be reached prior to filing the divorce papers with the state.

Filing with the State

There are a significant number of documents that will need to be filed with the state in order to end the marriage. A divorce can be extremely complicated, especially if it is contested by one party. Additionally, there may be the aspect of alimony, where one party pays the other party a specific amount of money per month for living expenses. This is common when either the husband or wife stayed home while the other one worked full-time.

Child Custody & Support

If there are children involved in the marriage, it’s also important to establish a child custody plan. This is where one parent will be identified as the primary parent. The non-primary parent will be required to pay child support. The support is calculated based on earnings.

With so many different components of a divorce, it’s difficult to make sure that everything gets done. Working with a divorce lawyer will make it easier to understand everything that needs to be done. Additionally, a lawyer will provide legal counsel as needed throughout the process.…

Optimizing Wellness in 2018: Strategies, Suggestions, And Solutions

Oftentimes, people begin thinking about the importance of health and what steps they can take to become well. Yet in many if not most cases, these individuals become distracted by extenuating circumstances, their normal routine or the deep-seated fear that trying to get healthy will be too difficult or life-altering. If this is the case for you yet you feel ready to start implementing lifestyle changes that will facilitate mental and physical well-being, now is the time to start implementing strategies, suggestions, and solutions that will optimize wellness. Below you’ll find several techniques that you can utilize to facilitate this outcome:

1. Get Into Yoga.

If you’re serious about optimizing wellness in 2018, try getting into yoga. This technique can work wonders for you by ensuring that you attain the level of mind/body awareness necessary to make decisions that facilitate mental and physical well-being. For example, many people report that continually practicing yoga heightens their ability to recognize the difference between mindless eating and real hunger. A regular yoga practice can also empower people to boost their immunity, improve their mood, and sleep more soundly.

2. Ditch The Dieting.

In addition to getting into yoga, make sure that you ditch the dieting. Dieting is bad for individuals on many levels, and one of them pertains to nutrition. Typically, diets involve eliminating food groups or items such that the individual’s nutritional profile eventually reveals key gaps and holes. Even when diets contain items which ensure that you’re attaining all the nutritional support you need, they are oftentimes calorically restrictive. As such, most people will likely end their dieting days once they realize that their food consumption practices aren’t particularly fun or fulfilling. The third issue with dieting is that it tends to be a yo-yo practice, meaning that people do a diet for a little while, go back to their normative eating patterns, and then hop on another dieting bandwagon. This yo-yo behavior adversely impacts the metabolism and can set the stage for a wide range of mood disorders.

In recognizing the multiple shortcomings of diets, make sure you get out of this lifestyle and into the world of healthy eating. If you don’t know how to make the transition, you can attain assistance from online health-based communities. You can also use resources like to learn more about how to eat life-giving foods that will bring vitality to your mind and body.

3. Let The Professionals Help You.

One final strategy that you can deploy to optimize wellness in 2018 is letting the professionals help you. This technique will empower you to attain ongoing assistance and information from individuals who know which strategies and solutions will help you look and feel your best. Some of the professionals you may want to attain assistance from including a health coach, personal trainer, or medical doctor. Also, note that it may be necessary for you to attain legal help at some point. Keep in mind that legal issues can cause long-standing, intense stress that detracts from your physical and mental vitality. If you’re looking for law offices NYC residents can rely on for assistance with issues such as unfair competition, patents, or Internet law, know that the professionals of Curry Law Firm PLLC can assist you.


Don’t delay your process of taking your life to the next level. Instead, get on the road to exceptional living now by implementing the health strategies discussed above!…

What is a Real Estate Special Commissioner?

The appointment of a Real Estate Special Commissioner is commonly used to streamline the execution of complex real estate transactions throughout Arizona. The Real Estate Special Commissioner plays an essential role in solving tough issues involving the valuation, management and disposition/sale of properties that are jointly owned.  These appointments may arise out of divorce, probate or jointly owned business properties.

A special commissioner conducts a valuation of the property and market, and then markets/sells the asset in a sale with court oversight. Where properties are jointly-owned and parties have differing needs/interests, a Real Estate Special Commissioner can help to move these transactions forward.  Provided the right Special Commissioner is selected, who knows and understands the process, the real estate assets/market, and how to work within the court system, the Special Commissioner should be able to take a significant burden off your shoulders, and objectively run the entire process for you, in accordance with the court order.

Here are services a Real Estate Special Commissioner can provide you:

·         Market Valuation.

Real Estate Special Commissioners are experts at conducting market research. They use that research to help them analyze data and present a market valuation of properties.

·         Prepare the Real Estate Assets for Sale.

Some Real Estate Special Commissioners may assist the parties in major or minor repairs to property and make it “market-ready”.

·         Strategic Marketing Plans.

A good Special Commissioner should also develop custom marketing plans for each asset to provide the highest value sale for the property. Their goal should be to attract high-probability buyers.

·         Manage details.

The Special Real Estate Commissioner also manages details like access to the property, viewing schedules, reporting to the parties/court, and any other scenarios that arise.

·         Negotiate contracts.

A Special Real Estate Commissioner will also negotiate contracts with a goal to maximize value and minimize the risk associated with the property.

·         Manage court matters.

Navigating the courts is a big obstacle that Real Estate Special Commissioners are adept at overcoming. They use their experience and expertise to accumulate all the relevant information about a case including legal documents, property valuation, marketing files in one place, which helps them in managing court matters effectively.

This is a guest article by R.O.I. Properties Phoenix, Arizona. R.O.I. Properties has decades of experience serving as Special Commissioners and Receivers. If you are interested in learning more about how a Real Estate Special Commissioner can help you, just download our Real Estate Special Commissioner comprehensive guide and contact us to fulfill your Real Estate Special Commissioner needs.